Ever wonder what a group vacation with all of the people you love would be like? I’m talking family, friends, neighbors, even coworkers! Over the years we have had the great pleasure of offering our Destin beach houses to loads of travelers from all over the world! We have had groups ranging from a small family of 3 up to 18, 17 year olds! Why no, I didn’t sleep that week… Anyways, we’ve talked to a lot of folks on the subject and here are some of the reasons why traveling in groups can be wonderful.

Saving Money. As a fairly frugal person (Oh c’mon now, I said frugal not cheap, lol) What can I say? I like to save a buck when I can and I’m sure you do too. Traveling together can really cut down the cost. Let’s say you want to splurge on the really sweet beach house this year but it’s a bit too expensive. Divide the cost by 8 because now your traveling with your family, BOOM! You’re in your swim suit, lounging on your floaty and sipping on some sweet tea for a fraction of the cost.

Cutting down on the work load. Let’s face it, with young children, life can be work! If it takes a village to raise up your family don’t worry! Bring the village along for the trip :). Here is a little tip for the hard working Moms out there. (As if there are any other kinds of Moms) OK you know how sometimes your man could be mistaken for someone who’s not quite 100% “in” to helping you with the house work and child rearing as perhaps he could be? We’ll think about this little thing I like to call “The Door Opener.” Here’s how it works. Your in public and your normally un-romantic hubby suddenly runs around the car to open the door for you. My goodness if there were a mud puddle and he were wearing a cloak, he may actually throw it over this treacherous hazard so that you wouldn’t experience even the slightest discomfort. Traveling with a group is a little bit like being in public! So, bring out the inner Romeo in your man by traveling with some people that his valiantness would like to impress. Ha! Just saying!

Precious memories. The more the merrier. For some reason, the more people you get together, the more interesting and sometimes funny things tend to be. Sure, it’s great to be alone in silence, with a book and maybe twiddling your thumbs? However in a group you’ve always got the possibility of uncle Bob sitting at the picnic table with a mouth full of sour kraut when suddenly he sneezes and it all come out his nose just as someone shoots a picture and posts it to Facebook….. Priceless!

So there ya have it. When you stay in vacation rentals with a group you save cash, get pampered and get to see uncle Bob snarf at the picnic. How fun is that? Destin Group Rentals